STORE UPDATED: New D.A.R.E. shirt.

I spent the advance that the record label gave me on extremely lavish fun things like groceries and doctors. Now I’m basically waiting on them to push a bunch of buttons so that I can be a rap star except I don’t think they can find the buttons. Please buy my new merch I really enjoy eating.

VIDEO: MADE IN GOLD is the lead single for THE DUFF.

The movie people put together this video that is a performance I shot in my bedroom (PLEASE SEE THE GIANT GOLDEN RETRIEVER BLANKET I HUNG NEXT TO MY BED) mixed with scenes from the movie. Seeing my song in the movie was surreal AF but REALLY I’m just stoked that my grandma FINALLY believes I’m not lying to everyone back home when I say “Everything is great. No. The music industry is just slow. Yes I’m eating.”

Go see the movie it’s pretty good. AND MAE WHITMAN IS IN IT AND THAT CHICK IS THE SHIT.

my PROBLEMCHILD ep is free dl

I teamed up with DJ Nobody , Chest Rockwell and Justin Warfield to put together this 6+1 track EP. It’s available for free DL on audiomack – CLICK HERE TO DL . I’m extremely thankful that I have such awesome and talented people to work with who understand me and my goals. We worked hard to figure out what direction I wanted to go in, and all of these producers did their part in helping me find myself.

(also thanks to Kellen from rudetoon who mixed and mastered tracks 2,3,5 & 7, for the simple fact that we are friends.)

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NEW MUSIC: Young + Defiant featuring Gavlyn + Lakutis

VIDEO: WHOLE BAG produced by dj nobody,

Me and Kavan the Kid directed another one for my upcoming EP problemchild. Produced by dj nobody

LOW END THEORY – Whole Bag LIVE with Dj Nobody

Performing at Low End Theory with DJ nobody was fucking amazing. It’s such a cool night that i frequent and I’m always impressed with the acts…. so naturally i was terrified. I’ve always been the outcast kid but I didn’t feel like that here. I’ll be performing at Low End Theory every Wednesday in September at like 10pm, and my EP release party is going to be October 1st. Low End is at the airliner in LOS ANGELES, and it’s seriously cool as fuck so come hang and smoke with me.

WHOLE BAG – produced by DJ NOBODY

I spent a few months getting really REALLY high in studio with @DJnobody, and this is what happened. He showed me Young Thug and taught me 2 Chainz. We drank weed lemonade and then had panic attacks about being so high that we drank more. We opened bottle after bottle of red wine and ate hella cookie crisp.. but most IMPORTANTLY? WE MADE THIS.

My self-directed ‘LUNCH SPECIAL’ music video.

‘LUNCH SPECIAL’ is out! Kavan the Kid and I directed this foodfight in my house because we couldn’t afford an elephant, and I did the song with my BFFs Chest Rockwell.

This is my 1st self directed music video EVER, so please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. I NEED YOU.

I did a REAL interview, first time talking about my “chaotic youth, rebellious nature, and perpetually running away”… and performed PROBLEM live, which is DOPE.

If you know me you know I don’t talk about the hard shit, I smile and make loud jokes and put drugs in my face. I showed up to this interview with an extra case of PMS and let intuition ask all the hard questions. To top if off perfectly, i performed Problem.

Listen to the podcast here: , No really, PLEASE DO.

1990s feat. Treach and Chip Fu (Produced by Apathy)

DUDE, when i found out this song was happening I lost my mind a little bit. First Blink 182 now THIS? This is some REAL RAP SHIT, no bullshit, no chorus, no simplified lines for the dumb motherfuckers. I love this. You should too.

MC S.A.V. ft. Pacific Game – BAD BOYS directed by KAVAN THE KID

I wish these guys would just move into my house. I would buy bunk beds. They bring out the ‘turn up’ in me and Sav taught me what a ratchet was. They made an appearance in week 6 of Me Doing Stuff where i forced everyone to drink gin with candy in it and puke. Kavan The Kid tried to rap battle me that night and then made me edit it out of the episode but if he ever makes me angry I will release it because it’s so hard to watch that it’s great. He has no recollection of any of this. SAV is a way better rapper than Kavan. Sometimes I wish I was MC Sav because he has a really cool Cadillac.


My geeky interview with Geek and Sundry.

I think this is my favorite interview of all time. Much love to <3 Head over there to find out about my gameboy giveaway.


Directed by Brandom Dermer, 1990s is a 90s rock / rap track that I put together with Chest Rockwell and my label (Mercury / Island) finally dropped the new music video. It takes place in my neon grungey dreamland where i magically turn into Eminem, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Wayne from Wayne’s World, and the chubby bee girl from the infamous Blind Melon video.

NEW MUSIC: ’1990s’ (official lyric video)

I was born the year before the gameboy, in Edmonton, Canada. My dad played guitars and managed bands and my brother was 10 years older than me and into skateboarding and video games. When my brother was 16 (and I was 6) he built a studio in our basement and I would try my hardest to sit quietly and not get kicked the fuck out because I was a loud and obnoxious child. My favorite song was ‘Say it Aint So’ by Weezer, and if i managed to behave for the entire session he’d play it for me at the very end. This song and ‘Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana were the first two songs I learned all the words to.

’1990s’ kinda speaks to that time in my life… when I was stealing my brother’s audio cassettes and gameboy games, while ruining kids lives in pogs at school. I’m pretty sure all the Spice Girls choreography is burned into my brain forever and I’m not sure there’s a guy out there who could ever be my Kurt Cobain or Nick Carter.

’1990s’ is my love letter to all the things that made me the cool motherfucker I am now. I’m going to spend my first million having them remake King’s Quest, and I will never EVER unplug my Sega Genesis.

I made this song with Greg and Spencer, same guys who worked on Problem, I showed up at studio and they’re like “what do you want to do today?” and as usual “get really stoned and make 90s rock”. I wasn’t expecting to write a 90s anthem and I wasn’t even really trying to – i was just trying to throw in as many honest references as I could.. from Spice Girls to Kid Rock to RAW by Big Daddy Kane + Kool G Rap…

When they told me I had to do the lyric video for this, I had this idea almost immediately. I was really into Kid Chameleon that week, and had been playing hella zelda. Man Zelda was so good in the 90s. The first shitty one was that twilight one. Ocearina of Time is probably one of the best videogames to date.

So i built my own little pixel world in photoshop and using some free art I found on the internet. Kavan the Kid helped me shoot green screen footage, Our green screen is literally 4 feet wide, so we really defied odds. You have no idea how much of a weirdo I felt like in my living room fighting the air day after day.

Editting the video was horrible. I got it about half completed and then begged Kavan the Kid to jump in and get his hands dirty. He’s also the guy wearing all my gold chains and a ski mask. Ha. Ugh, the things I make my friends do.

So all in all, this lyric video was a month and a half of my life. So if you feel it, show somebody.

NEW MUSIC: my self directed ’1990s’ lyric video debuts on VIBE MAGAZINE.


Thanks so much to VIBE for throwing this up for me. To Kavan The Kid for co-directing it with me, and Chest Rockwell for their production. LOVE YOU ALL.

My web series (10 weeks) of ME DOING STUFF + Episode Summaries

One of the most annoying things that ever happened to me was being asked by my record label to start doing this series. Kidding. Or am I?

People often have a fucked up perception of me… They think i’m all sorts of things that I’m not, and I guess this series was to show everyone just who I am. So from drinking in parking lots and ruining kids lives in lasertag to performing and playing role playing boardgames with my friends.. This was ME DOING STUFF.


I drive home from Vegas, show off my new lip tattoo, work on my ‘Problem’ lyric video and end up super covered in paint.
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It’s been over a year since I put out new music, so here’s me putting my best foot forward.

I’m in the SUPRA lookbook!

Link here

Nova Rockafeller + SXSW = FOREVER! <3 * <3 *

So! I drove down to Austin with my best buddy Kavan The Kid and more couldn’t have gone wrong. It cost me literally thousands of dollars in speeding tickets and car purchases and cancelled hotel rooms and gas and weed that I had to throw out the window before we got to Texas border patrol…..

but fuck it because yolo right? don’t stress shit you can’t change, the only thing you can control in life is how you react. So laugh it off. Or drink. Drinking works.

I got so drunk that I made my friend come in the Portapotty with me while i screamed my face off and tried not to step in any bodily fluids. I started fights with bike cabs. I got pooped on by a bird. I accidentally hit on G Eazy….. I had a blast.

I’m sorry we didn’t film me wasted. I’m not a cool drunk anyways. I’m an obnoxious over the top you can’t tell what i’m saying but i sorta get my point accross drunk.


RCKFLLR INTERVIEW: Do I fuck HOs? Spending advance $$$, and smokin dro.

Are you and RA on speaking terms?
No. Read more »

DIRECTORS CREDIT: MC S.A.V. – Frankenstein Flow 2

Me and Kavan the Kid put this together in Seattle for MC S.A.V. .


Black Gun Chain by TOYS ON CHAINS

Toys on Chains was featured in NYLON MAGAZINE – FEB 2013. Read more »

Why I never want to talk about HIP HOP.

One way to get on my bad side REALLY fast is to talk to me about hip hop. I LOVE rap and HATE a lot of hip hop heads (They hate me too – we’re even).

A couple weeks ago i found myself in a studio in an extremely heated argument over THIS POSTER:

This “hip hop DJ” rolled in with SERATO to lay some scratches down on one of my friends tracks. Our fun game is trying to name all the rappers on this poster – because it’s an impossible hash of horribly drawn rappers from the 80s + 90s + Eminem. Anyways. The guy around the bottom right corner in the black hat is NOT FUCKING BUSTA RHYMES. When I explained that it was definitely NOT busta this guy started shooting off “facts” at me in some attempt to make me feel stupid (which is fine – i make people feel stupid all the time) – untill he asked “Do you even know where Busta comes from?” he then tried to inform me that Busta’s first track was Scenario and he used to rock it with Tribe.


I kept bringing up the song “Just another case of the PTA” and he looked through me – dead face – while still running his mouth about Scenario.

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VERSE: chillin at the mall doing stuff and shit.

This is produced by Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge, video by Kavan the Kid.

MY INTERVIEW with WESC in THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY magazine. I didn’t wear pants.

I was in my first magazine! And a pretty ill one at that too. THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY – by the weSC brand. Download the entire issue here.

You know when you meet people that has that infectious energy that just rubs off? That’s L.A. based rapper/musician Nova Rockafeller to us. A bit unconventional, a whole lot of open-mindedness and seemingly a girl who doesn’t care about other people’s pre-conceived ideas or rules – Nova is the girl you’d like to party with and to have as a supportive friend. We sent her an email to hear more from the girl herself and what she likes.

JULIA: What have you been up to?

NOVA: I’ve been in the studio with Justin Warfield working on my EP. It’s alternative rock meets the best rapper ever.

What’s your story?
My story is long as fuck. Basically. I’m this cute little white girl who grew up a little in Jamaica. Then I grew up a little in group homes in Canada. Then I thought “Fuck growing up” because it’s stupid and started just showing up on peoples couches for months. Read more »

IF I WAS A LESBIAN : My girl crushes.


I’m not gay. I’ve done some super gay things in the past (I’ve been on dates with girls and dated girls) – but I think i’m pretty much only into guys (and apparently the WORST ones at that). But I’m open minded. Since I...

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My top 4 musicians. And it’s not what you think.


I come from the napster generation and as a result of this I have THE strangest taste in music… And I don’t care what anybody says – I like what I like.

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Hey guys.

For the last few years I’ve been really into yogurt so I figured I’d point you in the right direction because I’ve basically tried all of it. Like all of it.

1. Strawberry Vanilla – Trader Joe’s
This yogurt is so fucking good. It’s like eating full fat cream and doesn’t even taste like yogurt but it’s still my favorite yogurt. All of the other Trader Joe yogurts are fucking crap though. I don’t have any funny stories about Trader Joes… except if you go to the one in Burbank there is a secret cash register hidden behind a pillar that never has a line. I call it the TwiLine. Read more »

TOYS ON CHAINS (video release)

Jewelry available at – Video by .

Big Daddy Kane + Kool G Rap – RAW

Some of the greatest.

The fear never really goes away.

The most valuable thing I ever taught myself to do was to throw myself forward into whatever I was scared of. To really just fucking go for it. And I was always so scared of failing that I would work a million times harder...

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BLOG: L.A., My book, Signed, Album, EP, SHIT.

I’ve been feeling great.

I signed. I’m writing an album and an EP with Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge.. and the music is kinda exactly everything I wished I could always do. I’m learning a lot. I’m feeling good. I can’t wait to finish this project. Read more »

BLOG: Why am I in IDAHO? I duhnno.

It’s been a crazy long few months for real. I spent a month in jamaica, hit my hometown for a week, went to L.A. for a month, idaho for a week, l.a. for 4 days, idaho for 3 days.. and today? Flying to New York for 2 days.. no idea where I’m going after that to be honest. L.A.? Back to Idaho? Life has started happening very quickly.
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Hooked up by THE HUNDREDS.

I stopped in at THE HUNDREDS and they linked me some gear (I modified one of the t-shirts they gave me already with scissors and duct tape. I love it. Do you love it?) and they wrote some of the nicest words about me anybody ever has. Bobby really fucking figured me out in the hour or two we spent talking. I almost fought Trashy Ashley, hit on Scotty, and brought up Megan’s jail story in front of her boss. Hah. Here’s some of the awesome shit they said about me:

“. At first glance, she’s a Hot Topic suburban bopper, a fresh face that’s ethnically hard to pinpoint, too many accessories, a free braid, neon undershirt accents. But she talks about punching dudes in the face, Rakim, existing on 3 hours of sleep after a long night. We listen to a few of her songs. Produced by the highly-respected Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge), they are loud and big, aggressive, grimy, in-your-face and you can’t help but like them, and so the music is unadulterated her. This is how Nova is, this is the way she controls the crowd, owns a room, this week having slayed meeting after another with L.A.’s biggest record labels and their executives. Reducing the industry’s most famous into silly putty, vying for her signature across the dotted line. Read more »


Me and Kavan Cardoza made this video with $150. + 6 big heinekens. HOE. L.A.

RCKFLLR UPDT: JAMAICA, hometown, L.A. , Scoop Deville, SSUR, BATMAN, MUHAMMED ALI…. so much to talk about.

It’s been so long hoes. I’m in studio in LA right now with Scoop Deville. He’s my future best friend. He got me hooked up with some gear from @SSUR69. MUHAMMED ALI SHIRT FTW. The last few weeks have been crazy.. I been in studio with Sam Hollander (Grammy winner who made the TRAIN album and a bunch of my favorite Travie Mccoy / Gym Class Heroes tracks), Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has sat in a couple sessions.. but my two biggest HITS so far were made with Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge. Read more »

NEW VIDEO: “The Town”

Wrote this song the first time I ran away. then Shot this video during my first Canadian tour.

NEW TRACK: Nova + Kris = DUMB + HIGH + G

Before I left New York I met some guy who had something to do with Hightimes Magazine or something (I was really stoned).. and he ended up just giving me a bunch of weed soda + ganja granola bars… The only downside to this was that I had only two weeks left in New York to finish up my WORK.

I wrote this track sitting on the floor on my living room while smoking blunt sized joints and eating mad granola bars when I got the munchies. I actually didn’t think I’d even end up RECORDING it ever.. but a couple days later I went in to the studio.. was having issues with some other track.. so i just gave the verses a TRY.. you know.. see how they feel on the beat. then I smashed these verses out in ONE TAKE..

Then I had the bredgen KRIS LUCAS come in (she writes songs for big superstars and shit – kinda a big deal) and we wrote the hook together. We were particularly amused at ourselves for the “We make the boys come” line. HAH.

MOVIE: The Mafu Cage (1978)

I think I figured out what kind of movies I like… anything with a fucking psycho in it. I think I relate to mental illness.


She’s a psychopath f’real. She habitually draws and then kills monkeys. But she’s adorable and sweet and childish… Just crazy. It’s impressive.


My videos were posted by PLAYBOY blog (who doesnt love DIRTY pictures?)

I’ve been known to take a couple articles of clothing off. My ass is Hitchcock. In this video interview I did with ShaBooty I might have mentioned that I’d get naked for playboy.


I regularly post hilarious slut pictures on my facebook fan page and my twitter

Like this one:

MOVIE: Possession (1981) – Best fucking movie scene of ALL TIME.

This is probably my favorite movie of ALL TIME. BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS EVER.

Seriously – this movie has EVERYTHING.. drama, weird sexual elements, violence, pain, smart dialogue that deals with existentialism and religion, people going psychotic.

Just trust me and watch it. Don’t even look it up. Just download it. Possession (1981) THE UNCUT VERSION.

(I have this new movie ritual where R.A. just tells me what movie to watch.. and I watch it without even looking at the cover. Everything is a surprise.. I’m not waiting for anything to happen.. It’s the best movie experience ) … But this scene is so unfuckwittable that I had to throw it up.

RCKFLR UPDT:… NY -> JAMAICA. working on my package/album. arrogance. Love my FUCKING life.

The last year has been crazy. One year ago exactly I put out my album sampler. Since then I released my album, 3 videos, toured the US – Canada – Europe, launched my jewelry line and right now I find myself 7 songs deep into my next project (which I will first be sending out in a package to labels first to try and get some funding)…

Overall – I just need to chill for a minute – For those who don’t know – I spent a good part of my childhood and highschool years in JAMAICA. I left when I was like 14 and never went back.. So it’s been a minute. But I need to just CHILL and THINK and WRITE. So I’m going by myself for a month back to where I grew the fuck up.

I have a feeling that things will start happening really quickly – really soon. I can feel it (And I have a couple secrets). I know that I’m a marketable artist with a rapidly growing fanbase. I’m real and I’m talented. I’m a cute motherfucker and I have good ideas. Im SMART and I can DO this. And I have GOOD MUSIC. And im gonna be one of the BEST RAPPERS ALIVE.. because I work relentlessly at improving.. I spent the last couple weeks in the studio.. and I seriously surprised myself. These songs bro. These songs. I have something here. Everybody knows it. This isn’t ARROGANCE it’s PRIDE. Look at all I did and all I had to do was TRY.
Right now I’m just glad that I never gave up.. and I came so close.


Procrastinatin’ shared by TALIB KWELI, Psalm One, CYPRESS HILL….. & Lesbian hardcore

The video for ‘Procrastinatin’ was a lot of hard work.. And it got a lot of love from high places. It means a lot.

BRAND NEW: Me and Ruste Juxx – PROCRASTINATIN’ – Official Music Video

Juxx and I met on the shoot for his video for ‘No Prints’ in Crown Heights- and a couple weeks later we went to Remedy’s studio out in Staten Island and remixed this joint off my album. I was almost scared because Juxx is one of those ILL fucking dudes who can actually kill you on a track… Hah.

The video shoot was sick.. we just got high the whole time and hung out for a couple days with the russian models, the pizza boy Chaz Kangas, pro basketball player Amal Mccaskill… and R.A. THE RUGGED MAN…


Sorry it took me so long to put this out.


TOYS ON CHAINS: Store and Blog Launched



TOYS ON CHAINS shoot / and HOTBOXING BATHROOMS with WU affiliates. <3

It really sucked waking up at 8:30 in the morning. But I kicked my hangover in the face because i’m a fucking gangster like that. Fast forward? I have like 800 pictures of hot girls in fly gear and fucked up situations. HAH. R.A. The Rugged Man makes an appearance. I can’t wait to go through it all.

But right now? I’m so exhausted I might die. For real. I was out getting shitfaced last night at some really lame (but open bar) industry party… (HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT? Hotboxing the stuck up party’s bathroom with Wu affiliate Remedy, my new engineer Mike Cash and the homie Matty J)… HAHAHA.

I’m out tho. Much love to Vanessa, Victoria, Holly, Aris, Hickory and company, The girls and company, and R.A.

Fuck you mahfuckas. <3

Joey is a mahfucking BADA$$

VIDEO: TIMBO KING predicted the future in ’98.

Why is Timbo King psychic?
First he flies a spaceship through the World Trade Center – and then he Occupies Wall Street with a Blow Torch.

In case you don’t know Timbo King from his Wu Tang Clan affiliation.. you might have seen us “getting close” in my video for Piece of Shit. Timbo King is sexy. Read more »


PHOTOS from my CANADA TOUR with R.A. and Killah Priest.

The tour. R.A., Me and Killah Priest.

I’ve been on tour with R.A. The Rugged Man and Killah Priest for the last 10 days. The tour started out crazy as hell – but everything is starting to look easy now. We finished all our Western Canada dates – Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.. and it’s been the biggest headache – but the most rewarding experience. To be honest – I didn’t know I had so many fans. Kids knew the words to my songs and shit. It was pretty crazy.

I can’t believe any of this shit. Hah. I can’t believe I have an album out, I can’t believe I have videos out, I can’t believe I’m touring, I can’t believe I have FANS. Shits so unreal.
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Twitter: @ShawnE_


I’m bored out in Edmonton killing verses. BRO.
I need a penpal or some shit.

RCKFLR UPDT: TOUR, VIDEOS, RELEASES. And I get a little gay in this talking about my fanbase.


It’s WEIRD being back where I came from. Back to the familiar faces in the same places. STRANGE. I’ve seen so many things in the last year (Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, L.A., New York, Toronto, Chicago) and accomplished so much (recorded and released an...

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This is just ill.

FUNNY: My Drunk Kitchen – This bitch is great.

She’s hilarious.

Stills from the ‘Procrastinatin’ shoot with Ruste Juxx, and ‘Lemonade’.

procrastinatin schoolgirl

My last week has been full of shoots – I don’t know if anybody gives a fuck – but I decided to throw up some visuals. PROCRASTINATIN’ feat. RUSTE JUXX I was seriously so HIGH during this shoot… It was 2 days of bong...

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Leaving New York in 9 days – and going to my weird dark place.


I’m a strange person. I always keep my options open until the very last minute and then make an impulse decision… and although its TERRIFYING – I don’t feel like I’ve done my life that much wrong. Yeah I’ve had to bail myself out...

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MOVIE: Kentucky Fried Movie(1977) (Funniest shit I ever saw in my life)

I was high as a motherfucker last night and this was the funniest shit in the world to me. This was one of the scenes I can remember… The guy on the witness stand is a “spoon” and has to sing happy birthday to himself to recall his first name. My favorite part is at 3:35. LMFAO.

Check out Kentucky Fried Movie on IMDB.

Too funny.

VIDEO: Gooning in the Ruste Juxx + R.A. video for ‘No Prints’ :)

no face no prints

Ruste Juxx is a cool mother fucker who gets down on all the Boot Camp Clik projects and reps Crown Heights, Brooklyn – And since I follow R.A. The Rugged Man everywhere he goes… I got to goon out in this video with the...

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My jewelry line TOYS-ON-CHAINS / Pictures, Videos / BATMOBLING


Toys On Chains is my upcoming unisex jewelry line that pays homage to nostalgic toys like army men, lego, G.I. joes, Hot Wheels and Superheroes. I finished my first line a few months ago.. but after the tragic death of the pictures from the...

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My video for Runnin:

When I was out in L.A. I linked up with the guys from According To What. We were practically soulmates. We smoked a blunt, picked a track and spent the day shooting.
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ZOMBIE MOVIE: Cemetary Man (1994) – existentialism – “I should have known it – the rest of the world doesn’t exist.”


A cemetery man must kill the dead a second time when they become zombies. ———— I find myself emotionally fucked up over weird things. Like this zombie movie. It’s porno, horror, dark comedy – and touches on existentialism and nihilism? It takes you into...

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VIDEO: G-Mo Skee // “Im hitting everything but little kids.”

This kid is unreal. He’s outrageous and strange for no particular reason… and it’s hilarious. He unexpectedly monsters on every beat with derranged (but different) lyricism. This kid is FUNNY – similiar to Hopsin, R.A. The Rugged Man and Tech N9ne. Read more »

WEEZER’s (Green Album) bass player died after predicting it on twitter.

green album

“Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh was found dead in a Chicago hotel room on Saturday, October 8th. Staff at the Raffaello Hotel discovered the body when Welsh, 40, failed to make his 1PM checkout. No foul play is expected and the cause of his...

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VIDEO: Just finished talking to HARD TARGET out of FL.

REALLY feelin this guy.. he works in the same undefinable genre that I do.. that hip hop / rock mashup… except where i do reggae he’s rocking with country swag. It’s ILL. Read more »

Video views and Ignorance. Im that nobody kid. thank -YOU-


It’s been a week since I put my video for ‘Tre Pound and Piece of Shit out… I wasn’t expecting such a good response. (I’ve learned not to expect much from myself). For real, I thought I would get like 2,000 views the first...

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VOTE on my new rap alias. Good Bye Rockafeller.


Yo. So. I’ve had this name ‘Nova Rockafeller’ for a minute too long now and it’s just not -me- anymore. So. These are some of the names I’m SERIOUSLY considering. Yes. Every single one of them. What do you think? DUMB NOVA UGLY NOVA...

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Hopsin just posted my video up on his fanpage.


Hopsin posted my video up on his fanpage. I -love- Hopsin. R.A. and I have gone through a few of his videos lately and the kid is ILL and FUCKED UP.. I -get- him. He said: “i looked through about 100 videos just now....

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MUSIC VIDEO: ‘Tres Pound and Piece of SH#*T’ // and talking about Bat Man

This was 3 days of fighting with a bicycle. That thing seriously fucked me up. I had cuts and bruises after every fucking day of shooting… which ended up working well for the ‘Piece of Shit’ video.. but it left me terrified of childrens bikes and not liking Spiderman as much. Read more »

I’m procrastinatinnn’… and my video is late. <3


I was supposed to release my video today.. but i’m too busy getting suffocated by snot and watching shitty television. I would also rather watch 100 bad horror movies than hit up 100 blogs that don’t give a shit about me anyways. Staying up...

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Back from L.A.


HIGHLIGHTS: -Shooting a video for ‘Runnin’ with According to What Productions, -Singing ‘Eamon – Fuck it’ at a Karaoke bar (That we suspect was a whorehouse)… while sitting next to Eamon, -Meeting Bobby Brown’s son (The guy is a fucking riot who thinks rape...

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Shooting a video tomorrow. Still haven’t picked a song.

My life is a fucking shit show. I’m also cursed with this thing where I overthink absolutely fucking everything………. last minute. I flew out to L.A. a couple days ago and I’m shooting a music video today. (And trying to get to the Mayweather...

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Me Interviewing myself. LOL

yellow gun

Me: I have to start out by saying that I really like your music. You’re an incredible artist and possibly the best rapper that I’ve ever heard… Indefinitely the best rapper to come out of Edmonton and yet you are so modest. Me: Thanks....

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TOYS ON CHAINS: Used in 2BUILDand/orDESTROY photoshoot

Earrings I designed for ‘Toys on Chains’ were used in a photoshoot for New York fashion blog ’2 BUILD and/or DESTROY’. Necklace by them. <3

VIDEO: Boogie Down Breda

Someone made this really great video featuring all the artists performing at Boogie Down Breda. At 1:25 in Canada’s baddest bitch makes history to an epic soundtrack. Also (and mostly) in the video are R.A. the Rugged Man, and Naughty By Nature…

VIDEO: interviewing me

My 18 minute long interview with that I did while at Hip Hop Kemp. Talking about bitches and groupies, toys and the grind. I talk too much. <3

ALBUM is up and ready to be released. Now what?


I’m a perfectionist.. I get all my confidence from knowing that my plan is fucking flawless…. and when I don’t know how to make something perfect I procrastinate. The album is up and available for download.. I just don’t know what to do with...

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VIDEO: Europe Tour Blog

The best moment was when the crowd of tens of thousands at hip hop kemp started screaming in the middle of my first verse… Read more »

GERMANY: Hamburg


It’s like 7am right now and we’re about to get on the train to go to Czech Republic. …Didn’t sleep yet because I’m a scum bag piece of shit… Around 3am I went on a mission to find food.. I found three whorehouses before...

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NEW SHIRT DESIGN: The ‘I fucked Nova Rockafeller’ T.


NEW SHIRT DESIGN: The ‘I fucked Nova Rockafeller’ T. I think I’m altogether too funny. You can pick this up at my store at Big Cartel

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GERMANY: Stuttgart


I’ve been out here for a few days now… I have no idea what time it is anywhere and I’m exhausted. I’m learning German! I can count to three, swear, say “no meat” and tell people I’m retarded. I get by with it. I...

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VIDEO: Murderous Lyricist Competition

I’ve officially been disqualified from R.A. the Rugged Man’s murderous lyricist competition. Read more »

Shooting for Toys-on-Chains at @studio1325

toys on chains

Yesterday was a MAD LONG day. I showed up to Studio1325 in Brooklyn to get some shots for the website of my jewelry line Toys-on-Chains. Studio 1325 is a haven for the Brooklyn art scene.. With regular art shows to contrast the all-night-jams that...

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Moving Forward.


Yesterday was the second day of shooting for the ‘Tres Pound / Piece of Shit’ video. Nothing really went right… but in the end… I think we got what we needed. This video is going to be fucking hilarious. I hope people know I’m...

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New track with Rochester – ‘The Sun is Rising’

The Sun Is Rising featuring Rochester by whitekid
Rochester and I ran into eachother while on tour in Red Deer. We both took full advantage of the situation… It was the drunkest I’ve ever been without throwing up. I can’t fully recollect anything that happened.. but there are pictures.
And now a song.

Fridge Magnets R

No matter how big or small.. Every decision changes the course the rest of my life will take. Act accordingly.

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“Today was a cross between sobering up and getting drunk.”

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A still from the video for Tres Lb.

Doing what I do best.

album, video, europe, zig zag silvers

Im half busting weed right now. The shittiest thing about Harlem is how impossible it is to get good rolling papers at your local bodega. It’s all super wide ez-roll fag papers. You can’t find the zig zag silvers here to save yo fuckin...

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“You can’t find an artist that’s succesful that hasn’t had personal attacks about their character”

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