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I struggled with a lot of things growing up, but I always felt like there was SOMETHING pulling me through the things I couldn’t get through on my own. Just recently I realized that “something” was myself. Here’s to the late nights I didn’t think I would live through, and overcoming all the things that life throws at you.


Produced by H1987 (who is INCREDIBLE, please check out his work)
Vid by Me + Kavan
Recorded and Mixed by Kellen Balazy

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MY TOP 5 Videogames

I’m big on finding ‘balance’ in my life. Not external balance like money and friends because fuck that shit. No, I’m talking about internal balance. I’m constantly riding the extremely fine line between losing my emotional shit and having the best day ever. Videogames help. Continue reading

I’m touring CANADA in SEPTEMBER with All Time Low and Set it Off!!

I’ll be touring Canada with All Time Low and Set it Off in September! Here’s the All Time Low tour info and tickets, I’ll be with them from September 17 in Portland Maine to September 27 in Vancouver. If you can’t get tickets, let’s loiter outside beforehand or something.

I’m going to be bringing with me my friend/drummer/DJ Danny Fluck and my roadie/photographer Kavan the Kid. We’re gonna be stuck in a van together for 12 days so i’ll let you know how that goes BUT I’m pretty sure I can talk them into matching tattoos by the end of it. Can we all please get matching tattoos? I’m not kidding.

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VIDEO: MADE IN GOLD is the lead single for THE DUFF.

The movie people put together this video that is a performance I shot in my bedroom (PLEASE SEE THE GIANT GOLDEN RETRIEVER BLANKET I HUNG NEXT TO MY BED) mixed with scenes from the movie. Seeing my song in the movie was surreal AF but REALLY I’m just stoked that my grandma FINALLY believes I’m not lying to everyone back home when I say “Everything is great. No. The music industry is just slow. Yes I’m eating.”

Go see the movie it’s pretty good. AND MAE WHITMAN IS IN IT AND THAT CHICK IS THE SHIT.

my PROBLEMCHILD ep is free dl

I teamed up with DJ Nobody , Chest Rockwell and Justin Warfield to put together this 6+1 track EP. It’s available for free DL on audiomack – CLICK HERE TO DL . I’m extremely thankful that I have such awesome and talented people to work with who understand me and my goals. We worked hard to figure out what direction I wanted to go in, and all of these producers did their part in helping me find myself.

(also thanks to Kellen from rudetoon who mixed and mastered tracks 2,3,5 & 7, for the simple fact that we are friends.)

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LOW END THEORY – Whole Bag LIVE with Dj Nobody

Performing at Low End Theory with DJ nobody was fucking amazing. It’s such a cool night that i frequent and I’m always impressed with the acts…. so naturally i was terrified. I’ve always been the outcast kid but I didn’t feel like that here. I’ll be performing at Low End Theory every Wednesday in September at like 10pm, and my EP release party is going to be October 1st. Low End is at the airliner in LOS ANGELES, and it’s seriously cool as fuck so come hang and smoke with me.