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I did a REAL interview, first time talking about my “chaotic youth, rebellious nature, and perpetually running away”… and performed PROBLEM live, which is DOPE.

If you know me you know I don’t talk about the hard shit, I smile and make loud jokes and put drugs in my face. I showed up to this interview with an extra case of PMS and let intuition ask all the hard questions. To top if off perfectly, i performed Problem.

Listen to the podcast here: , No really, PLEASE DO.


Directed by Brandom Dermer, 1990s is a 90s rock / rap track that I put together with Chest Rockwell and my label (Mercury / Island) finally dropped the new music video. It takes place in my neon grungey dreamland where i magically turn into Eminem, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Wayne from Wayne’s World, and the chubby bee girl from the infamous Blind Melon video.

NEW MUSIC: ‘1990s’ (official lyric video)

I was born the year before the gameboy, in Edmonton, Canada. My dad played guitars and managed bands and my brother was 10 years older than me and into skateboarding and video games. When my brother was 16 (and I was 6) he built a studio in our basement and I would try my hardest to sit quietly and not get kicked the fuck out because I was a loud and obnoxious child. My favorite song was ‘Say it Aint So’ by Weezer, and if i managed to behave for the entire session he’d play it for me at the very end. This song and ‘Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana were the first two songs I learned all the words to.

’1990s’ kinda speaks to that time in my life… when I was stealing my brother’s audio cassettes and gameboy games, while ruining kids lives in pogs at school. I’m pretty sure all the Spice Girls choreography is burned into my brain forever and I’m not sure there’s a guy out there who could ever be my Kurt Cobain or Nick Carter.

’1990s’ is my love letter to all the things that made me the cool motherfucker I am now. I’m going to spend my first million having them remake King’s Quest, and I will never EVER unplug my Sega Genesis.

I made this song with Greg and Spencer, same guys who worked on Problem, I showed up at studio and they’re like “what do you want to do today?” and as usual “get really stoned and make 90s rock”. I wasn’t expecting to write a 90s anthem and I wasn’t even really trying to – i was just trying to throw in as many honest references as I could.. from Spice Girls to Kid Rock to RAW by Big Daddy Kane + Kool G Rap…

When they told me I had to do the lyric video for this, I had this idea almost immediately. I was really into Kid Chameleon that week, and had been playing hella zelda. Man Zelda was so good in the 90s. The first shitty one was that twilight one. Ocearina of Time is probably one of the best videogames to date.

So i built my own little pixel world in photoshop and using some free art I found on the internet. Kavan the Kid helped me shoot green screen footage, Our green screen is literally 4 feet wide, so we really defied odds. You have no idea how much of a weirdo I felt like in my living room fighting the air day after day.

Editting the video was horrible. I got it about half completed and then begged Kavan the Kid to jump in and get his hands dirty. He’s also the guy wearing all my gold chains and a ski mask. Ha. Ugh, the things I make my friends do.

So all in all, this lyric video was a month and a half of my life. So if you feel it, show somebody.