RCKFLR UPDT: TOUR, VIDEOS, RELEASES. And I get a little gay in this talking about my fanbase.

December 15, 2011

It’s WEIRD being back where I came from. Back to the familiar faces in the same places. STRANGE. I’ve seen so many things in the last year (Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, L.A., New York, Toronto, Chicago) and accomplished so much (recorded and released an album, Put out 4 videos, started my jewelry line) … I kinda forgot what real life IS. Coming home has been such a huge reality check… and a reminder of all the things I want to do with my life.

To be honest – I’m starting to feel my fanbase. Before it was just random people on the internet hitting me up every once in a while… now it feels like everywhere i go someone’s heard my album… someones’s seen my videos. Bitches listen to my shit when they’re going thru break ups, and dudes listen to my shit when they’re smoking weed. I feel gross even calling these people my fans. To be honest – These people know more about ME than anyone. They listened to me. They gave a fuck what I was feeling or thinking. They CARED. They’re reading this now so – Thanks bro. You were there for me when everybody else wasn’t.

But yeah – I’ve been writing and recording non stop, and working on jewelry. I picked up a Canon t3i and I’m going to start doing video blogs. I’ve been intermittently getting SMASHED by myself at random rap shows. This city welcomed me back HARD. Thanks for all the beer. I FUCKING LOVE EDMONTON. But – I’m not here for long. I’m touring Canada for the entire month of January.. and I already have videoshoots scheduled for February/March in New York, Toronto and Idaho. We’re going to shoot 5 videos in just a couple months. I’m ALSO releasing the ‘Procrastinatin’ video in January and ‘Lemonade’ (NEW SHIT) video in February. Those are the ones I was psychotically shooting my last week in New York. Hah. And after that – who knows? as usual.



Chillin with some of my favorite Edmonton people. Including Gzus Murphy and my BEST FRIEND EVER – Sonik.

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