TOYS ON CHAINS shoot / and HOTBOXING BATHROOMS with WU affiliates. <3

March 4, 2012

It really sucked waking up at 8:30 in the morning. But I kicked my hangover in the face because i’m a fucking gangster like that. Fast forward? I have like 800 pictures of hot girls in fly gear and fucked up situations. HAH. R.A. The Rugged Man makes an appearance. I can’t wait to go through it all.

But right now? I’m so exhausted I might die. For real. I was out getting shitfaced last night at some really lame (but open bar) industry party… (HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT? Hotboxing the stuck up party’s bathroom with Wu affiliate Remedy, my new engineer Mike Cash and the homie Matty J)… HAHAHA.

I’m out tho. Much love to Vanessa, Victoria, Holly, Aris, Hickory and company, The girls and company, and R.A.

Fuck you mahfuckas. <3

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