Hopsin just posted my video up on his fanpage.

October 1, 2011

Hopsin posted my video up on his fanpage. I -love- Hopsin. R.A. and I have gone through a few of his videos lately and the kid is ILL and FUCKED UP.. I -get- him.

He said: “i looked through about 100 videos just now. she stood out the most. she didnt start off just standing in an open wilderness wobbling side to side in awkwardness. she wasnt just rappin on railroad tracks to be hard. she made her own chorus, showed her personality and most importantly shes having fun. I dont think shes in her prime, but she will grow with time. I did see better videos and better rappers but i didnt see any better artist…”

My favorite Hopsin video is def ‘Pans in the Kitchen’ -

It feels good.. Hop, if you see this somehow.. mad respect and much love.

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