RCKFLR UPDT:… NY -> JAMAICA. working on my package/album. arrogance. Love my FUCKING life.

March 24, 2012

The last year has been crazy. One year ago exactly I put out my album sampler. Since then I released my album, 3 videos, toured the US – Canada – Europe, launched my jewelry line and right now I find myself 7 songs deep into my next project (which I will first be sending out in a package to labels first to try and get some funding)…

Overall – I just need to chill for a minute – For those who don’t know – I spent a good part of my childhood and highschool years in JAMAICA. I left when I was like 14 and never went back.. So it’s been a minute. But I need to just CHILL and THINK and WRITE. So I’m going by myself for a month back to where I grew the fuck up.

I have a feeling that things will start happening really quickly – really soon. I can feel it (And I have a couple secrets). I know that I’m a marketable artist with a rapidly growing fanbase. I’m real and I’m talented. I’m a cute motherfucker and I have good ideas. Im SMART and I can DO this. And I have GOOD MUSIC. And im gonna be one of the BEST RAPPERS ALIVE.. because I work relentlessly at improving.. I spent the last couple weeks in the studio.. and I seriously surprised myself. These songs bro. These songs. I have something here. Everybody knows it. This isn’t ARROGANCE it’s PRIDE. Look at all I did and all I had to do was TRY.
Right now I’m just glad that I never gave up.. and I came so close.


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