NEW TRACK: Nova + Kris = DUMB + HIGH + G

April 21, 2012

Before I left New York I met some guy who had something to do with Hightimes Magazine or something (I was really stoned).. and he ended up just giving me a bunch of weed soda + ganja granola bars… The only downside to this was that I had only two weeks left in New York to finish up my WORK.

I wrote this track sitting on the floor on my living room while smoking blunt sized joints and eating mad granola bars when I got the munchies. I actually didn’t think I’d even end up RECORDING it ever.. but a couple days later I went in to the studio.. was having issues with some other track.. so i just gave the verses a TRY.. you know.. see how they feel on the beat. then I smashed these verses out in ONE TAKE..

Then I had the bredgen KRIS LUCAS come in (she writes songs for big superstars and shit – kinda a big deal) and we wrote the hook together. We were particularly amused at ourselves for the “We make the boys come” line. HAH.

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