RCKFLLR UPDT: JAMAICA, hometown, L.A. , Scoop Deville, SSUR, BATMAN, MUHAMMED ALI…. so much to talk about.

May 23, 2012

It’s been so long hoes. I’m in studio in LA right now with Scoop Deville. He’s my future best friend. He got me hooked up with some gear from @SSUR69. MUHAMMED ALI SHIRT FTW. The last few weeks have been crazy.. I been in studio with Sam Hollander (Grammy winner who made the TRAIN album and a bunch of my favorite Travie Mccoy / Gym Class Heroes tracks), Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has sat in a couple sessions.. but my two biggest HITS so far were made with Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge.

The track titles are shit like “Muhammad Ali” , “Bat Man” and “Bitch”.

A couple days ago I spent 2 days shooting a video with one of my best friends in the world KAVAN. (I have like 3 best friends : TOM MACDONALD, KAVAN CARDOZA, GECKA BREWIS – These are the ultimate PEOPLE.)

But the last few months have been stupid. I spent a month in JAMAICA gettin stoned with the bredgens and shit. I did maaaddd mushrooms, drank red stripe and chilled out on the beach writing verses. Then I hit my hometown EDMONTON for 10 days to paint some pictures and get together my clothing line which imma put out soon. I threw my jam session which was SICK! We had a bunch of musicians and rappers and singers just getting together on stage. My good homie BOOSH rewired his gameboy and brought chip tunes. (check out my PHOTOBLOG for pictures)

I’ve been having a blast. In my last blog post I said I had a feeling that shit would start happening quickly. I had no idea mahfucka. I’ve spent all of my time either drunk with the bros or in studios. I can’t let you know how good my life feels. And how empty my bank account is starting to look. hah. But I have a feeling that everything will be okay.

Im stoked.

My Life > .

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