Hooked up by THE HUNDREDS.

June 2, 2012

I stopped in at THE HUNDREDS and they linked me some gear (I modified one of the t-shirts they gave me already with scissors and duct tape. I love it. Do you love it?) and they wrote some of the nicest words about me anybody ever has. Bobby really fucking figured me out in the hour or two we spent talking. I almost fought Trashy Ashley, hit on Scotty, and brought up Megan’s jail story in front of her boss. Hah. Here’s some of the awesome shit they said about me:

“. At first glance, she’s a Hot Topic suburban bopper, a fresh face that’s ethnically hard to pinpoint, too many accessories, a free braid, neon undershirt accents. But she talks about punching dudes in the face, Rakim, existing on 3 hours of sleep after a long night. We listen to a few of her songs. Produced by the highly-respected Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge), they are loud and big, aggressive, grimy, in-your-face and you can’t help but like them, and so the music is unadulterated her. This is how Nova is, this is the way she controls the crowd, owns a room, this week having slayed meeting after another with L.A.’s biggest record labels and their executives. Reducing the industry’s most famous into silly putty, vying for her signature across the dotted line. In the midst of our meeting, actually, her manager fields a call from one of them. The phone conversation takes him outside for half an hour and upon his return, “I think we just got our first record deal offer…””

Read the full article here

Much love to the hundreds gang. Thanks for the swag. I’m killin this shit. <3

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