BLOG: Why am I in IDAHO? I duhnno.

June 17, 2012

It’s been a crazy long few months for real. I spent a month in jamaica, hit my hometown for a week, went to L.A. for a month, idaho for a week, l.a. for 4 days, idaho for 3 days.. and today? Flying to New York for 2 days.. no idea where I’m going after that to be honest. L.A.? Back to Idaho? Life has started happening very quickly.

If you REALLY know me – you know I’m depressed. Constantly empty. Alone. Working. And for the last month or so? I haven’t felt anything but happy every second.
I’ve started making new music and meeting with major labels. And now these labels are flying me places and putting me up in these crazy hotels because they want to see what I’m about. They LIKE me. They just want to talk to me and understand me. I’m grabbing breakfast with my manager and the guy who signed Brittney Spears.. and we’re talking about the Fushnickens and strippers and mushroom trips. The guy who produces Green Day let me drink chocolate sauce out of his fridge then we talked about Larry Cohen, Woody Allen and drank tequila with hot sauce in it. These people are awesome. The guy who signed and developed 2pac listened to my music and said I was amazing. I’ve been in the right places. With really good people. Who believe in me and know what I’m capable of. I’ve worked so fucking hard and it feels like something is FINALLY going to happen. I really hope it does guys. I have the chance to have a chance at this. And the fucked up thing? I’ve worked so hard and the work hasn’t even started yet. No. The work BEGINS when I sign that deal.

I’ve been doing what I always do – We shot two videos in the last month. Me and Kavan shot BATMAN with a $200 budget on just a few days notice a week after I recorded the song. What a fucking response. And we just spent the last two days shooting BITCH (Biggest producon of my life – with over 10 actors and a $500 budget – we built multiple sets, made the clothes out of t-shirts and duct tape… and drank our fucking faces off and took blunts to the face the whole time)… The shit was SO FUN. I love the kids out here. We cause ruck and work. Usually at the same time. Everyone is so talented and down to put in work. I love all you guys for real. (LEFT: Me and Prince on the set of BITCH)

I can’t wait to see what happens.

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