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August 11, 2012

I’ve been feeling great.

I signed. I’m writing an album and an EP with Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge.. and the music is kinda exactly everything I wished I could always do. I’m learning a lot. I’m feeling good. I can’t wait to finish this project.

I ordered supplies for Toys on Chains.

I’ve started writing a format for a charity I want to start.

I’ve also been writing a book. It’s cool. It’s me.

It’s going to incorporate a bunch of different lame art – I want someone to be able to read it and understand who I am and where I come from… There’s drawings, bars, photographs, comic strips.

I’ve got like 10 chapters so far.

And then I’m sitting across from the biggest guy in the music industry. And
I’ve been sitting here for an hour. Nobody gets this chance. Nobody. I think
about my hometown. The friends I’ve had in passing. The people who broke
me down and tried to get me to quit. The rap beefs. The tours. The studios.
The shows. The times I almost quit. The friends I lost. The work. All the
fucking work. I worked SO hard to get here. And now the vote is unanimous. I
might just be one of the best female rappers. Ever?

“She’s almost undeniably the best. And with all these girl rappers coming out
of everywhere… we have the one that can actually rap”

There’s six of us here. My manager, My producer, Two A & Rs, the head of
the label and me.
We’re listening to my songs and they’re asking me questions. Where’d I come
from. What music do i listen to. What kind of music do I want to make. It’s
hard for them to figure me out. I live… differently.

AR: “So you don’t live anywhere?” He looks at me like im pathetic. Or broke.
I’m neither.

JK: “She just travels around, and makes out with boys.” (even though I had a
boyfriend for the last year and a half up untill yesterday).

ME: ” I kinda lived in New York for the last year.”
AR: “Where in New York?”
ME: “145th and Lennox. Before that Toronto. I just spent a month in
Jamaica.. and i did a month long tour in Canada in January… but i’ve been in
LA for a couple months.”
AR: “So you just fly around places. Who pays for it?”
ME: “Collabs, and show promoters….. and labels and shit.”

They talk about how weird I am for a long time. I get up and take pictures of
things on the guys desk. Nobody’s looking. So I steal a pen…. and then a
stapler. I think I’m funny. I’m funny for sure.

I feel really vulnerable even posting that. And also kinda arrogant.
Weird combination.

But yeah – i’m working on mad shit. Can’t wait to finish some of it. And also – I’ve been making out with this kid from idaho who is pretty cool too. I feel like if I didn’t tell you I’d be lying to you. So there it is. He’s a cool kid.

But yeah – I’m happy. Everything is good. Couldn’t ask for more.

I really hope I play this opportunity right. I have a chance. Most people don’t get this chance. And I’m thankful for it.

Love you guys.

HOLLER IF YOU’RE IN L.A. – (347-574-7192)


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