Me Interviewing myself. LOL

September 12, 2011

Me: I have to start out by saying that I really like your music. You’re an incredible artist and possibly the best rapper that I’ve ever heard… Indefinitely the best rapper to come out of Edmonton and yet you are so modest.
Me: Thanks.

Me: So – Why rap?
Me: I have had a notebook since I can remember. Although my mother tried to force pink diaries with puppies on me – I picked up my first composition book when I was about 11. I just had an urge to write down my feelings. Gay I know. But in reality I have been disecting myself and my reasonings since I can remember. People told me I was strange. I wondered why.
It’s also in my nature to love math. Rap is like mathematical art. In my brain – Flow is just blending fractions.

Me: If you weren’t doing music right now what do you think you would be doing?
Me: Selling Drugs.

Me: How do you feel about the Canadian Hip Hop Scene?
Me: I think there’s a lot of talent that hasn’t been able to penetrate the real market. You see rappers filling the crowds at other rappers shows altogether too much. But to be honest.. not everyone can be successful. If a rapper thinks they can REALLY do it they will go for it.
Me: A lot of rappers believe in themselves.
Me: Not truly though. You have to believe in your hardwork and effort… and stop thinking you will be discovered. Shit doesn’t happen that way. Rappers plan to get exposure and then have this cinematic fairytail in their head that some A&R will just call them out of nowhere with a million dollars for their pocket.. That’s beleiveing in a fairytail.. not yourself. Only when you completely put that shit out of your head and believe that you can do it regardless will you actually be able to accomplish something.

Me: You act like you know everything and in the scope of things.. you haven’t really done that much. Why are you so arrogant?
Me: I’m not. I just know what I’m doing with my career and I see a lot of people who don’t. And in the scope of things, I’ve done twenty times as much as your average local emcee and gotten a twentieth of the respect for it. I’m disrespectful because I deserve more respect.
Me: Do you get less respect because you’re female?
Me: Yes. Females get written off as artists altogether too much. Men can do whatever they want to but I’m judged and degraded for doing the things that make me happy. When you get down to my raw nature – I’m a pained artist just trying to describe this nothingness that I feel. I smoke, fuck, fall in love, and want this music shit – and at the end of the day that is all that I am. But because I’m a female – I’m judged and made out to be some kind of amazon whore bitch with bad intentions who does everything for the wrong reason. People think I make music for attention…
Me: Do you make music for attention?
Me: Fuck no. I hate putting my life out there the way that I have. You can download all of my hardest and most painful moments. Sometimes I wish I’d just shut the fuck up. I hate that people know how fucked up I am. Everyone is fucked up – but I do a terrible job at hiding it.

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  1. Amy on March 20, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Thats so fuckin jokes!!!

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