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August 5, 2011

Im half busting weed right now. The shittiest thing about Harlem is how impossible it is to get good rolling papers at your local bodega. It’s all super wide ez-roll fag papers. You can’t find the zig zag silvers here to save yo fuckin life.

A few days ago I decided to release my album ‘Insufficient Funds’ around August 15th. It’s been done and ready to go since March… (I’m lazy… what the fuck you want me to say?) But I’m finally ready to put the work in. It’s a 90s rock inspired project with live guitars.. and it also doubles as the chronological story of six months of my life.

Also releasing soon is the video for ‘Tres Pound’ and ‘Piece of Shit’. Two songs… one video. I feel like it’s my reply to the thousands of morons on the internet who think I’m a dirty bitch whore cunt… and I’m in total agreeance…. So we littered it with sex scenes and bad jokes.

Oh yeh, and I’m lucky enough to be doing a few shows in Europe this month.. They don’t speak english so I’ll be fine. Once you start paying attention to the lyrics you realize that I’m a fucking dirtbag. But I’ve never been in front of 35,000 people before.. I’m convinced that it’s going to be fucking surreal. The only thing on my rider is “weed”… My best performance is always when I’m so high I’m convinced that I’m dying. Maybe I should have asked for water too.


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