My top 4 musicians. And it’s not what you think.

October 18, 2012

I come from the napster generation and as a result of this I have THE strangest taste in music… And I don’t care what anybody says – I like what I like.

MY FAV ALBUM: The Blue Album (1994)
“Say it Ain’t So” is the first song I learned all the words to. Growing up – my brother had a recording studio in our basement. (From the time I was about 7, and he was 17, I had cute rocker/skater boys in and out of our house. My first crush was on one of the members of The Faunts). and I was a super annoying kid. The only way that I would leave them alone is if they’d play me my favorite weezer song. To this day – my brother plays it at every show of his I go to.
In THE BLUE ALBUM Weezer captured everything I love about life. To this day I miss my garage.

Weezer – Say it Ain’t So , Weezer – In The Garage

I have always argued that Busta Rhymes is the greatest rapper of all time. He IS the 90s rapper – starting in LOTNS in ’89 and still around and all over hit radio in 2012? He’s the definition of longevity and he never compromised shit.
(There was this weird year where I couldn’t listen to Busta. In Edmonton when he got off stage there’s ME (hi I’m nova) – waiting to tell him that he’s BEEN the best rapper ever and how much he influenced me and all that fan bullshit… but instead I overheard him saying some EXTREMELY dirty things to some girls… I couldn’t talk to him. I was super scarred. He’s a legend to me. He’s like the pope to me. I couldn’t believe the pope would say those things.

LOTNS – Case of the P.T.A. (1991) , BUSTA – You can’t hold the torch.

MY FAV ALBUM: I’m Wide Awake it’s Morning (2005)
I always sorta liked Bright Eyes but didn’t take the time to listen to all of it. When I spent a month in Jamaica by myself I downloaded his entire discography (24 albums and Eps since 1993) and had that shit on repeat. It was a weird dark month for me. The thing about the lead singer Conor Oberst is that he’s in pain. Genuinely. And fine with it. “The Sun Came up with no conclusions.” Yes. It did.

Bright Eyes – Lua , Bright eyes – ‘road to joy’

MY FAV ALBUM: Lazarus (2010) , and The Papercut Chronicles (2005).
Travie has an unfuckwittable delivery… In every song he communicates who he really is. And sometimes it feels like he’s talking right to me. When I’m feeling shitty, I listen to Lazarus to pick me back up again. “Another sold out show, spilling my soul to a ton of people I don’t know.” , “Shit got damn, well ain’t life grand. Getting paid to stand on stage with your heart in year hand.”

Travie – Don’t Pretend , Travie – A Kid Again

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  1. "Bucko" on October 19, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    My homie “Puto” stinks at rapping. When he spits every other freestlye is “payola”. Somehow I think it’s relevant. I would not bee surprised to see “Puto” in your top ten. Peace and stay blessed. #0gBuckoOne

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