MY INTERVIEW with WESC in THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY magazine. I didn’t wear pants.

November 14, 2012

I was in my first magazine! And a pretty ill one at that too. THE SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY – by the weSC brand. Download the entire issue here.

You know when you meet people that has that infectious energy that just rubs off? That’s L.A. based rapper/musician Nova Rockafeller to us. A bit unconventional, a whole lot of open-mindedness and seemingly a girl who doesn’t care about other people’s pre-conceived ideas or rules – Nova is the girl you’d like to party with and to have as a supportive friend. We sent her an email to hear more from the girl herself and what she likes.

JULIA: What have you been up to?

NOVA: I’ve been in the studio with Justin Warfield working on my EP. It’s alternative rock meets the best rapper ever.

What’s your story?
My story is long as fuck. Basically. I’m this cute little white girl who grew up a little in Jamaica. Then I grew up a little in group homes in Canada. Then I thought “Fuck growing up” because it’s stupid and started just showing up on peoples couches for months. I threw mad shows. Orga- nized solid street teams. Toured Europe, Canada, U.S. Put out my own al- bums. And basically busted my ass as an underground rapper for 8 years. I slept in bathtubs. Made out with a bajillion boys. Threw up a lot. Then my manager Jensen got me a record deal and now I chill by the pool.

Labels,.. how does a young artist choose which label to sign to?
It’s all very abstract to those not in the industry – the stories about seductive vs controlling labels are widespread!
I was meeting with labels for fun. I didn’t care for a second. I would mostly just tune out what they were saying and just try to find the coolest thing to steal. Or take pictures. Or drink chocolate sauce out of the fridge. I leave any important decision up to someone else. I’m usually too high to think about that shit.

What’s the music scene like in LA? The Odd Future elocution opened people’s eyes to the whole Fairfax movement and it really started a ́global trend that allowed some more raucous crowds and audienc- es to come to life again. How would you explain the LA music scene right now?
I try to stay out of loops. I did buy a Fairfax Legends high school sweat- shirt from a thrift shop though. Does that count?

We got to know you through Dom Deluca, aka Brooklyn Dom of Brooklyn Projects on Melrose – how do you know Dom?
He babysits me sometimes.

In terms of spreading music what do you prefer in terms of digital and social media channels? Are we pretty much done with Facebook? MySpace?
I love Facebook – it gives me the chance to interact with my fans every
day and really know who they are. I put up phone numbers for them to prank call (I have an epic assortment of rappers’ phone numbers I can’t wait to get out there), and they have MY phone number. We’re tight. I photoblog on tumblr. I talk shit on twitter. I like it all. What’s myspace?

Your songs are fucking dope – and you have the best energy we’ve seen in a long time. What do you write about?
My entire last album is about getting real stoned. Since then I’ve branched out. Now I talk more about mushrooms. I talk about my stupid ex boyfriends (There’s so many) and I talk about math, and my shitty hometown, video games, boxing. But there’s math in every song. I really like math. I try to apply math and numbers to most of my life.

If we want to get to know you better, where should we go/where to look?
Just call me.

Your song “Call me (bat man)” – what’s that one about? Talk us through it. One of our favorite quotes by the way is: The most impor- tant thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.”
Batman is my song that says “Fuck it i’m ready”. It’s also just me. Being me. Talking shit. With ADHD. Rapping is so easy when you have ADHD. Sometimes I wear the mask from the video at home.

A perfect day in the life of Nova is…

I have maybe 3 friends and they’re scattered all over the world. If we could all just get together that would be cool. Eat some drugs. Hit a waterpark. Or the floor. Whatever. U kno.

Songs tend to be about things the musician is involved/interested in. So here’s two questions in one: What’s your favorite topic to write about? And what would you never, ever, write about?
As much as i joke and don’t give a fuck about things – shitty things hap- pen in my life. It’s almost comical. Composition books have always been my outlet. I have to write about situations to deal with them. A lot of the time I don’t even know how I feel about something until the song is done. Alternatively – sometimes I won’t write for a week because I’m not ready to deal with whatever is going on. So it’s not about “favorite” it’s more just me documenting myself. Organizing my thoughts. Figuring out who I am.
What will I NEVER write about though? Vaporizers. * /

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  1. Tsang on April 27, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    I’m screaming into the void here… but I love Nova

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