MUSIC VIDEO: ‘Tres Pound and Piece of SH#*T’ // and talking about Bat Man

September 27, 2011

This was 3 days of fighting with a bicycle. That thing seriously fucked me up. I had cuts and bruises after every fucking day of shooting… which ended up working well for the ‘Piece of Shit’ video.. but it left me terrified of childrens bikes and not liking Spiderman as much.

‘Spiderman’ was going to be the name of my first child. Then I realized Bat Man is way cooler. He had a scientist. The only thing I really want out of life is a Scientist. A scientist could make that fully functioning pully system that my old roommate Angelica and I had dreamed of for so long. We managed to train the dog to transport small items from one side of our apartment to the other.. This was hilarious when we were high. but not so functional.

The best part of the video is probably the close up of my batmobling at 1:39 in. #imadethat . #toysonchains .

I managed to get some ill cameos in this video too… It’s all Wu Tang affiliates and Grind Time star Soul Khan.

Directed by Brood Baby – Jed I. Rosenberg and Ethan Blum out of N.Y.
Music by myself and RILLA from out of T.O.

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  1. Gordini on June 3, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Hell yeah it’s soul kahn. Wish he’d battle again.

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